Re: DSM: Slavery, Education, Political Philosophy, Caring, Human Rights, Effecting Change

Melissa Tyson (
Sun, 06 Feb 2000 00:30:44 GMT

> For as long as people believe that group A (adults)
>know better for group B (children) the minutia of how their
>lives should be run than group B does itself, there will be no
>lasting change to the modern educationist policies. The best
>that the alternatives can hope for, is to create a new fad
>here or there for limited periods of time (and, indeed, that
>is how most alternative schools operate).
> So, here's what we can do. We can find people of like
>mind, and protect as many children as we can (sort of an
>underground railroad). And we can continually argue
>forcefully for recognizing human rights in children.

Your ideas are great for the kids you can actually protect, but two years is
a long time in the life of a child. If the educationist is willing to give
two years, would you deny those years to the many thousands of children who
will never be able to gain access to the Sudbury system? What is wrong with
taking what they have to offer, if they offer it, and continuing to fight
for the rights of the child? That is all I was suggesting.

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