DSM: a lot of questions

Martin Wilke (martin.wilke@gmx.net)
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 12:16:07 +0100

Hi all,

while writing an article about "models of radical school freedom",
wherein a rather big part is devoted to Sudbury Valley, some questions
to my mind, which I didn't find (sufficiently) answered in "The Sudbury
Valley School Experience", "Free at Last" or other writings:

1. Is there any minimum age for seeking a diploma? Or could a
13-year-old just try? What is the earliest age a student ever left the
school with a diploma?

2. How often students were expelled? And what do they have to do for
being expelled?

3. While Sudbury Valley has more than 200 students, the others are much
smaller. What is the "usual" number of students and staff for a Sudbury
School? Are specific problems for rather small schools, for example with
age mixing (because there aren't so many people you can mix with)?

4. How often does it happen, that a staff member fails to be re-elected?

5. What is your experience with children who have attended a Sudbury
School and then rather suddenly have to change to a traditional school,
because their parents are moving to another region?

6. What is your attitude towards alcohol, tabaco and pot in school?

7. Is there any violence in Sudbury Schools?

That's all (I hope not too much) for the moment

Martin Wilke

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