RE: DSM: Majority Rule vs. Consensus

Kenneth Winchenbach Walden (
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 13:52:28 -0500

Very short response - I promise!

>Joe - Fairhaven
>I think this is a digital question - that either the will of the majority
>prevails, or the will of the minority prevails, and that there are no other
>possibilities. The application of consensus in critical situations is just
>the will of the majority prevailing, but throw some coercion at
>the minority
>for good measure.

Perhaps this is the heart of it. I don't believe that it is a digital
situation. I believe that there are a whole spectrum of possible results of
the proposal to consider. Considering that spectrum is a group made up of
individual beings, not just a majority and a minority. Add in the
individual's ability to learn, to consider, and to change opinions and you
have a multitude of possibilities. I can certainly see why one would be
opposed to consensus if you agree with the above paragraph.

thanks for the interesting conversation...


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