DSM: RE: Majority Rule vs. Consensus

Joe Jackson (shoeless@erols.com)
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 10:40:52 -0500

Joe from Fairhaven

I agree with the points made in support of democracy and would add that
literally thousands of decisions have to be made in starting and running a
Sudbury Model school. We have lots of people who are almost as stubborn and
opinionated as I am. If we ran all of our meetings via consensus we wouldn't
have gotten the school started. If we had less stubborn and opinionated
people, we probably wouldn't have even tried to start a school.


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> Hi all,
> I and three parents are going to (try to) start a non-coercive school in
> Berlin. On our first informal meeting we found that we have quite
> different ideas of how decisions should be made in a non-coercive
> school.
> While I think majority should decide they insist on consensus. Their
> main argument is that the majority would oppress the minority. That
> discussions would be ended as soon as it is clear that a motion will get
> a majority, and thus the minority would simply be ignored. What
> experience do you have in School Meetings or Assemblies with this point?
> Martin Wilke

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