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   MESSAGE: (#77) Re: extensive information needed about SudVal
   AUTHOR: H. Papp <helenpapp@excite.com>
   DATE: Tuesday, 18 January 2000, at 9:35 a.m.

   Reply To: (#36) extensive information needed about SudVal
   Author: Mark Rogers
   Date: Tuesday, 19 October 1999, at 2:31 p.m.

I'd suggest you purchase the SVS Management Manual to answer all your
questions about the mechanics of school management (in minute detail!). After
that, you'll probably find you have even more interesting questions you'd like
answered. Move on to the alumni studies/interviews. And for an outsider's
viewpoint, you might want to check out Peter Gray and David Chanoff's studies
( Good luck.
Sudbury Valley Schools are worth studying!

Helen, SVS parent

: Hello all,

: I am doing a research project for a curriculum course (education training)
: Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. My topic is a non-traditional
: school and have been referred to your school as a prime example of such. I
: have read all of the available information on the school (from your
: website, mostly), but would like to hear as much more as humanly possible
: from all interested parties. ("teachers," "students,"
: etc.)

: Some questions include the following: 1. What does a person need to do to be
: employed as a "teacher, instructor, facilitator of learning?"
: What are these "facilitators" paid annually?

: 2. Do you have a multicultural student body? What about special needs
: students (learning disabilities, mental retardation, severely emotionally
: disturbed)?

: 3. How much does it cost to attend this school?

: 4. How large is the student body? What is the ratio of boys to girls? Is
: monitered or controlled by "admissions?"

: 5. Is the school essentially Liberal? Conservative? Moderate? Does this
: factor into any relevance at all?

: 6. Do you, or better yet, can you make room for an interested young person
: like myself to come to observe your school?

: Please e-mail me at : Please e-mail me at mdouglasr@hotmail.com. I look forward to your responses.


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