DSM: "Emotional Adjustment"

Matt Beane (mbeane@forum.com)
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 13:42:09 -0500

Hi, all - I am a new participant in this conversation; my name is
        Does anyone know of any work (I am specifically interested in
studies which incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data)
that has been done on the 'emotional adjustment' (i.e.: happiness)
of graduates of and participants in schools which follow the
sudbury model? I am particularly interested, at this point, in cases
of people who began their sudbury-style schooling at an early age
(4-6 years old).
        I am thinking about doing some work in this area, and would
love to get current on work already done. I am also interested in all
of your thoughts and experience in this matter; they would be
invaluable in helping me orient my thinking and action.
        More significant than the above is my general desire to 'get the
inside scoop' on the sudbury model. What challenges does it
face? How does it face them? Granted, specific implementations
of the model will vary, but I would love your feedback in this
department as well.
                                                                Thanks, and take care.
                                                                                        -Matt Beane

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