Re: DSM: Sudbury Educational Resource Network

Brad Withers (
Sun, 2 Jan 2000 06:45:44 -0500

<< For instance, Kentucky Department of Education private school laws demand that schools teach reading, writing, spellilng, grammar, history,
mathematics, and civics. They also have minimum attendance standards that
match those of public schools.>>

     Forgive me for getting off the beaten path, but whenever I see mention of state or federal laws concerning our childrens education, it makes me wonder why it is even any of their business to begin with. Why is it? Quite frankly, it irritates me because they do not feed or clothe my kids, nor do they pay my bills. It gives me the impression that they seem to think they know better than I what is best for my kids. It also gives me the impression that they seem to think that my kids are going to be idiots if left to discover for themselves (self-education). Actually, I think if society were allowed the freedom we might be in a better position now than we are.

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