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>Last spring the SVS Assembly passed a motion for the Trustees to study the
>question of the feasibility of creating a Sudbury Model Foundation, to
>assist in the development and growth of Sudbury model schools worldwide. We
>are a group of SVS assembly members, some trustees, some not, who are
>interested in this concept, and are exploring how it might work. As the
>discussion has progressed, the working title for this idea is now "Sudbury
>Educational Resource Network", and our thought is that it would not be
>associated with any particular Sudbury model school, but would be a resource
>for all such schools.
>We are very interested in ideas, thoughts and suggestions on this topic as
>we study it further. How could such an organization be of benefit to a
>start-up group? To an established school? In what ways could it contribute
>to spreading the word about this educational model? Comments welcome on this
>list, or directly to Kristin Harkness and/or Linda
>Zimmerman >Zimmerman

One way such a foundation could benefit start-up schools is to provide
legal help and resources to groups interested in starting schools in a
state that has strict private school regulations. For instance, Kentucky
Department of Education private school laws demand that schools teach
reading, writing, spellilng, grammar, history, mathematics, and civics.
They also have minimum attendance standards that match those of public
schools. How have other schools dealt with these kinds of restrictions?

Furthermore, a record kept of struggles schools have faced to stay open and
deal with conflict would definitely give those who are considering
beginning a Sudbury school (like me) more confidence that we will know how
to handle most situations that arise. Seed grants are another way to
support new schools.

-- Liz Palmer
Louisville, KY

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