DSM: Staff requirements

Dennis Shaughnessy (dshau@scn.org)
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 02:59:31 -0800 (PST)

Hello Jamie,
  In regard to staff requirements, the self-labeled Sudbury
model schools vary from school to school. Unlike Montessori
Schools, for example, there is no accreditation for this model.
To be democratic, the students and staff should decide on
what are requirements for staff and not another government.
However Derek, for example, spoke of the Australian government
requiring a certified teacher at The Booroobin School. And if
there are some staff that are and some that aren't certified
teachers, then the registered ones become legally necessary
and the staff becomes less egalitarian. There are few places
on the planet without mandatory government regulation of private
school staff and/or curriculum.
  Oregon is a state that doesn't have mandatory private school
regulation and there is a Sudbury model school in Portland -
Cascade Valley School. Democratic schools everywhere challenge
this unconstitutional (USA) regulation by their being.

Happy Millennium,

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