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My sense of the requirements for being a staff member at a democratic school
are that you need to become (or be) a person whom the rest of the school
wishes to have around in a staff role. While this may seem somewhat obvious,
and therefore unnecessary, it is, in fact, the crux of the matter. There is
no schooling or other training that will prepare you; no set of skills or
knowledge that is required. There is no organization that has the ability to
"bless" you as an anointed staff member candidate other than a School
Meeting itself.

This, as do all activities at a democratic school, places the onus squarely
on you. Are you taking a hard look at yourself, how you interact with
others, how you use (and/or abuse) your own personal power? Do you even see
yourself as a powerful person? Herein lies a conundrum, for in a democratic
school we generally have little use for people, particularly staff members,
who don't see themselves as capable, interesting, influential (i.e.,
powerful) people. On the other hand, we have less use for people,
particularly staff members, who don't know how to properly use and apply
their power in a democratic setting. Neither wallflowers nor petty despots
need apply.

Do you have knowledge or skills that would be of interest to the young
people at a democratic school? Can you share that knowledge and those skills
with others without being oppressive?

Are you comfortable living and working in an environment in which you have
as much control as the average five year old? Are you comfortable living and
working in an environment in which you won't always know what is going on
and in which will lie a great deal of ambiguity?

I'm sure there's a lot more, but I will leave you with those questions. Good
luck in your search and your development.

Alan Klein

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> Hello!
> What are some of the basic requirments for staff members at Sudbury Model
> schools. I am a recent high school graduate, very interested in one day
> being very involved with education (specifically "free schools" or
> "unschooling").
> I already plan on continuing my own education by going to an Arts and
> College, seeing the rest of the world, and reading most any information
> about alternative education I can find. So now I need to know what I need
> to do to be an eligible staff member.
> I would apriciate any feedback, advice, comments, help, anything! :o)
> Thanks in advance,
> Jamie
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