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Hi Jamie,
Qualifications aren't particularly required. However, in Australia we do
need at least a registered teacher at a School. The coming 2000 year we'll
have 2, for the first time. There are benefits with qualifications, a bit
like putting up any shingle so that it sort of says that you are recognised
to do the work by higher education institutions. But there is nothing that
beats life, including work, experience and character. Most of all the
ability to communicate effectively with kids, with respect is very
important. Let us know when you're coming. The School meeting would have
to approve any request to visit.
Let us know your address, and we'll send the Staff information.
Regards, Derek
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Date: Saturday, December 25, 1999 12:40 PM
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>Thank you very much! The Booroobin site has given me a better
>of what's expected in a staff member applicant. What I specifically am
>wondering is what formal education or degrees are required, and from what I
>gather none are.
>I've already done a lot of reading/research on Sudbury Model Schools, but
>this is the first time I have visited the Booroobin School web site. I am
>very glad I did!
>Australia is high on my list of places to visit, so I would love to see the
>school when I am there.
>Would it be possible to receive a staff information packet without formally
>applying? I am certainly not ready to look into my career now, but any
>information I can get to help me prepare for when I am ready would be
>Thanks again, Jamie.
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>>Subject: DSM: Re: staff member requirements
>>Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 09:01:56 +1000
>>Hi Jamie,
>>To learn more about The Booroobin School, I suggest the best place to
>>would be our web site:
>>There is a section under more relating to Staff. I suggest that you
>>you local library and ask for books about Sudbury Valley School, and
>>complain if they don't have any. Then contact Sudbury Valley. They have
>>great range of books, publications, tapes and videos. Be warned though it
>>is totally different to standard School. Sudbury Valley Schools are
>>exceptional in allowing people to be themselves and follow their
>>and have fun, without bothering anyone else. If in your travels, you make
>>it to Australia, contact us.
>>Regards, Derek Sheppard
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