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If you are interested in information about other Sudbury schools, try .

Good luck.

-Joe Jackson
Check out Fairhaven School's website at

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> Derek,
> Thank you very much! The Booroobin site has given me a better
> understanding
> of what's expected in a staff member applicant. What I specifically am
> wondering is what formal education or degrees are required, and
> from what I
> gather none are.
> I've already done a lot of reading/research on Sudbury Model Schools, but
> this is the first time I have visited the Booroobin School web
> site. I am
> very glad I did!
> Australia is high on my list of places to visit, so I would love
> to see the
> school when I am there.
> Would it be possible to receive a staff information packet
> without formally
> applying? I am certainly not ready to look into my career now, but any
> information I can get to help me prepare for when I am ready would be
> wonderful.
> Thanks again, Jamie.
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> >Hi Jamie,
> >To learn more about The Booroobin School, I suggest the best
> place to start
> >would be our web site:
> >There is a section under more relating to Staff. I suggest that you
> >contact
> >you local library and ask for books about Sudbury Valley School, and
> >complain if they don't have any. Then contact Sudbury Valley.
> They have a
> >great range of books, publications, tapes and videos. Be warned
> though it
> >is totally different to standard School. Sudbury Valley Schools are
> >exceptional in allowing people to be themselves and follow their
> interests,
> >and have fun, without bothering anyone else. If in your
> travels, you make
> >it to Australia, contact us.
> >Regards, Derek Sheppard
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