DSM: Re: A question about voting at The Booroobin School

The Booroobin School (booroobin@squirrel.com.au)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 14:10:17 +1000

Hi Dennis,
The School is a participatory democracy. We say that very clearly. We
don't pretend to operate by the same law of compulsory voting that is
required by government in Australia. People know that they have a right
when they want to. Our Constitution has provided for that from the very
beginning. In other words, when they are passionate about something or
strongly believe in something then they will speak up, lobby, and do what
they think is necessary to convince others to vote for what they want.
Compulsory voting brings out a lot of lame duck voters who don't think about
the issues and follow only long standing traditions.
Regards, Derek
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Subject: DSM: A question about The Booroobin School

>Hi Derek,
> It is against the law in Australia to not vote. Will
>students and staff be required to vote at The Booroobin
>School? Like USA citizens, USA Sudbury model students and
>staff are not required to vote.

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