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I would say that we are talking about degrees of difference, cultural
differences, and historical progression. Certainly, SVS, Highland, and other
democratic schools created in the US in the past 30 or so years built on
Summerhill as a model. That Summerhill doesn't have all of the "features" we
would want in a democratic school is probably true. I would say, though,
that Summerhill, SVS, Highland, and other democratic schools all belong in
the same "column", when compared with all other schools.

~Alan Klein

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> I've heard that this is because they don't generally keep students after
> age of 16, and because students who have been in overt coercive schools
> to not go to classes. I've also heard that the staff decides which
> the kids live in, and it is bby age, not prefered sleeping patterns or
> noisyness or any other prefrence. That's why I'd say that they are not
> a democratic school, but a subtly coercive one. I'm not sure though...

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