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Hi Alan,
It is our intention to provide home-like boarding accommodation for Students
and Staff on our 16.4ha (40 acres) campus. The approved plans for the
accommodation include that it will be in octagonal buildings, with kitchen,
lounge, 2 to 3 bedrooms with 2 to 3 Students in each or a separate bedroom
for Staff. We will have a low Staff to Student ratio, so that the
accommodation operates very much like family settings. Extensive research
has been undertaken into boarding fees, and what is charged by other
boarding Schools. We have a good idea about what we will charge. Depending
on demand, we hope that the first accommodation will be constructed in 2001.
There is already a requirement for boarding for 4 Students and 2 Staff, with
a potential for 1 more, recently appointed employee and her 2 Student
children. We are permitted to have up to 10 boarding Students and Staff in
the first 3 years. We can then proceed to have up to 40 boarding Students
and Staff. I don't know what more you need to know.
Regards, Derek Sheppard

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>The Highland School in West Virginia has boarded some students in the past.
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>> Does anyone have information about subbury-type boarding schools? I know
>> topic came up on this list a while ago...
>> ~woty chaos

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