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   MESSAGE: (#75) Re: Just some questions
   AUTHOR: Dana <peachy77@sudval.org>
   DATE: Thursday, 16 December 1999, at 12:38 p.m.

   Reply To: (#71) Just some questions
   Author: Karen
   Date: Wednesday, 8 December 1999, at 4:52 p.m.

yo. i go to school here, and i've got to say it's like the best place in the
world. i don't know if i can answer all your questions seeing as i don't know
where grafton is. sorry.:) a lot of the kids go on to college, and they go
when they're ready. some leave when they're 17, soem 18, some 19 or even 20.
it's one of the freedom's of the school. this is my second year, and i've
learned a ton. i take history, and it's the best class in the world by far.
danny, a staff member, teaches it so well. i love it here, and i'm learning so
much. good luck with your finding out everything:) -dana


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