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We have a book disscussion group that meets once a month. There are quite a
few parents who attend regularly. You can contact me if you are interested
at at

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> AUTHOR: Karen <>
> DATE: Wednesday, 8 December 1999, at 4:52 p.m.
>I've been reading about the Sudbury schools off and on for some time now
>(years actually). My daughter, Jeni, age 9, 4th grade traditional school,
>would love to attend school at Sudbury Valley. I have so many questions,
>the simplest - what are the hours the school is open? - to complex - are
>really ready for college when they're 18 or so when they've gone to Sudbury
>We live in Grafton. Is there a way to hook up with other parents in the
>Grafton area to ride share?
>Just so many questions. ;) I would love to meet with the parent(s) of a kid
>who attends school at SVS. This school sounds so much like what I would
>loved to have attended as a kid. I was always bored in school - I hated the
>way that history was taught and it's only now, as an adult reading
>well-researched historical fiction, that I have grown to love and
>history. If I'd attended school at Sudbury Valley, I would have learned so
>MUCH more!
>I'll check back here to see if anyone writes anything in reply to this.
>All the best, Karen.
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