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> Hello,
> It seems to me that its about freedom, chaos and evolution. We can't
> predict the future and therefore can't predict what our children will need
> to continue the evolution of the humane race. Maybe unhealthy eating will
> give them an evolutionary edge we can't yet even fathom let alone predict.
> If we filter out choices we limit the chaos and in turn the froth out of
> which evolutionary change comes. It will be there like it or not but only
> those who can cope will survive. And it seems to me that freedom to
> explore
> the dynamics of change will enable one to cope better than coming from a
> restricted environment, even in food. We must trust our children to
> figure
> it out.
> I would also like to stress that the sudbury model is about education not
> therapy. Although Sudbury Schools may have a therapeutic effect on some
> kids it is not a therapeutic institution.
> I also see the idea of boarding school as removing people from the real
> world, at least in middle class America. The interplay of home and school
> is another element in the chaos.
> Peace,
> Louie
> Respectfully, evolution is just not the model to use when thinking about
> school. The Sudbury model is designed to help people be free, responsible
> and happy - concepts with no meaning within an evolutionary context.
> Within an evolutionary context, people who don't successfully breed are,
> with few and extrordinary exceptions, utter failures. Within the Sudbury
> model, the individual is sovreign. Within evolution, the insignificance of
> individuals borders on absolute.

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