Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools - Summerhill

Louie Mahoney Cohn (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:49:01 PDT

It seems to me that its about freedom, chaos and evolution. We can't
predict the future and therefore can't predict what our children will need
to continue the evolution of the humane race. Maybe unhealthy eating will
give them an evolutionary edge we can't yet even fathom let alone predict.
If we filter out choices we limit the chaos and in turn the froth out of
which evolutionary change comes. It will be there like it or not but only
those who can cope will survive. And it seems to me that freedom to explore
the dynamics of change will enable one to cope better than coming from a
restricted environment, even in food. We must trust our children to figure
it out.
I would also like to stress that the sudbury model is about education not
therapy. Although Sudbury Schools may have a therapeutic effect on some
kids it is not a therapeutic institution.
I also see the idea of boarding school as removing people from the real
world, at least in middle class America. The interplay of home and school
is another element in the chaos.

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