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I believe that you are sincere and forward thinking in your approach to diet
and food in general. I fear, however, that you are missing an important
element inherent in the model of education we have come to call "Democratic
Schooling" or "Sudbury Schools" - the right of the group to make bad
choices. Certainly the Founders' Group could make the initial choices. What
if, however, the School Meeting voted to have McDonalds cater school lunches
(and they resisted your attempts to offer healthy substitutes)? Would you
want to reserve a veto over such a decision? If so, then you are placing a
limit on the power of the group to govern itself. What might be the next
such limitation? Certain "unhealthy" words? Certain "unhealthy" ideas?
Certain "unhealthy" people?

While I might personally agree with (and vote for) your selections of food,
my belief is that the group must have the power to screw up and learn from
its mistakes or we have simply substituted one kind of coercion for another.


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> The founders group would decide how the money would be spent. The people
> that are apart of our group at this time have all known me for years. I've
> worked in the natural foods business for 23 years. I've owned my own
> foods restaurant and natural health center, taught natural foods cooking
> classes through the public school system and now own a natural foods
> People consult me every chance that they can on what they should eat to be
> healthy. They ask me to shop and cook for them all the time!
> If the group said "Deb ~ we want sugar in our school lunches." I'd say
> about letting me make your desserts using less refined, natural sweeteners
> or organic fruit juice and if there are complaints that there wasn't any
> white refined sugar in the food then we'll try some organic sugar cane."
> "Deb ~ we want lots of cheese in our pasta REAL cheese not that soybean
> stuff..." I'd say "No problem, however I suggest that we get this brand
> because they don't add hormones to their cow's daily diet."

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