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Hello Alan,
The founders group would decide how the money would be spent. The people
that are apart of our group at this time have all known me for years. I've
worked in the natural foods business for 23 years. I've owned my own natural
foods restaurant and natural health center, taught natural foods cooking
classes through the public school system and now own a natural foods store.
People consult me every chance that they can on what they should eat to be
healthy. They ask me to shop and cook for them all the time!

If the group said "Deb ~ we want sugar in our school lunches." I'd say "How
about letting me make your desserts using less refined, natural sweeteners
or organic fruit juice and if there are complaints that there wasn't any
white refined sugar in the food then we'll try some organic sugar cane." or
"Deb ~ we want lots of cheese in our pasta REAL cheese not that soybean
stuff..." I'd say "No problem, however I suggest that we get this brand
because they don't add hormones to their cow's daily diet."

And to help cover the costs - I just happen to have contacts in all the
right places and I'm very creative. We'll make it work because it is what we
want as a group - not something I dreamed up in the middle of the night all
by myself.

We're not talking just rice and beans here...

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>You said:
>> However, at a school that I would open - I would still offer the organic
>> chips (I've never seen a kid turn down an organic potato chip yet!) My
>> intentions would not be to create a controlled "limited choice"
>> There would be plenty of choices - what I'm saying is money would be
>> on foods that are healthier for people to eat. The same foods that we all
>> enjoy would be there - the "quality" would be defined and decided to the
>> best of our knowledge on the subject.
>In the school that you would open, who would decide how the money would be
>spent? And what would be your position if the School Meeting voted not to
>have "quality" foods offered?
>~Alan Klein
>(Yet another "Alan")

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