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Joseph Moore (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 07:17:47 -0700

> << What is the point of boarding schools, anyway? Always seemed to me to
> be an
> attempt to assuage the guilt of wealthier parents who couldn't 'control'
> or
> didn't want to be bothered by their own children. >>
> There is no point when the children are in a situation where it is their
> prefrence to live with their parents, however, this is NOT the case for
> many
> children. This says a lot about those parents in many cases, but it is
> still
> true, and makes there be a point to boarding schools... Would it be better
> for kids to live with those sort of parents?
Wow. Extreme caution should be exercised when proposing school as a solution
to profound social, family or psychological problems. It's hard to imagine a
younger child - say, 14 or less - would want to be away from his or her
parents for months on end unless the situation was just dreadful. In the
really dreadful cases, school - even a Sudbury school - is not the answer.

In any event, how common is the situation you describe above, where:
1. Parents provide a bad environment for the child, AND
2. Parents can afford to send the child to a boarding school, AND
3. Parents allow the child enough freedom to choose whatever school she
wants to attend.

It would be reckless to make policy based on this sort of unusual, extreme

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