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Hello ?,

"We" would be our founders group and "Yes" all of these people eat what we
consider "quality" foods. So obviously we will attract families who want
this for their children. As I said we would advertise that we serve healthy
meals - and we will set our tuition to cover the cost. It's very simple and
with all good intentions.

If someone wants to open a democratic style school that serves healthy
meals - why do you think that means giving up your freedom of choice if your
family chose to attend that school knowing what was for lunch??

I'm sure that there are plenty of Sudbury schools where the original
founders designed the school to incorporate some of things that they wanted
in a school. I want my kids to education to be in their hands and I want
them to eat good quality foods. If the kids enjoy their meal and it's made
with ingredients that our group decided are "top quality" what's the

All apples are not created equal!~ And it is a choice to choose what "we"
as a "group" want for our school meals.


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><< We will choose products that have the least sugar, chemicals,
>colorings, preservatives, which is when I use the word "quality". >>
>Who is "we"?

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