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Scott David Gray (sdavid@tiac.net)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:41:24 -0400

Joe Jackson wrote:

> Shoelace here.
> What would happen if someone chose to eat Nacho-Cheesier-Flavored Doritos
> every single meal, every single day?
> (Sorry, I can't resist asking).
> -Joe Jackson, shoeless@erols.com

S/he would turn bright orange, get somewhat ill, and probably be counseled by
friends and family to eat something else.

People who are interested in nutrition would do well to look at some of the
studies on long-term eating habits of children allowed to eat what they want.
It is true, they develop a "taste" for something and start having that for every
meal for a period of time. However, this generally only lasts about a week or
two. "Last week I really loved potatoes, but this week I can't get enough
grapes." It seems that over the LONG RUN people naturally choose a balanced
diet, even if they never ever eat a single "square meal".

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