Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools - Summerhill

Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:24:25 -0700


Angela again,

I have to apologize for my previous email. I meant no disrespect.

> I've decided that if I continue with my plans to open a school based on the
> democratic model like Sudbury and Summerhill, that it will have to be a
> school that offers a wholistic approach to education and living. The school
> would offer healthy meals to students as well as a healthy school
> environment/building. Everything from the food quality to the lighting of
> the rooms would be to the benefit of the students good health. Because all
> the education in the world won't do any of our students any good if they are
> not healthy in mind and body.

This is a very good idea, it's just not a Sudbury school.

Take care,


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