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Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:07:32 -0700

Debbie Athos wrote:

> hello,
> Some "food" for thought on a Sudbury style boarding school...
> I have considered doing the Sudbury model as a boarding school. One reason
> is that I believe in the power of daily food to bring people together in a
> way that nothing else can. I've been studying natural living and eating for
> twenty-two years and feel when people eat the same food (basically) on a
> daily basis, they create similar blood quality and their thinking and
> understanding becomes more "in harmony" with everyone in the
> group/community. I thought that it would be easier to hire one good cook
> than to inspire 30 parents into the kitchen to prepare healthier meals for
> their families...

Danger, danger Will Robinson! I can bet you'll get a rise out of the
libertarians in this group with this email. Once upon a time I would have been
in favor of this harmony idea, but you know it just can't be mandated and for
the "health of a community of thinkers it probably shouldn't. The question
arises: Are you going for a "master race" with this idea? For myself, I try to
buy and eat naturally and healthfully, yet even as I write, while stuffing Lays
sour cream n onion potato chips in my mouth and trying not to get grease on the
keyboard, I wonder, would I send my kid to this type of school? Never!

(former staff and founder of Diablo Valley School)

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