Re: DSM: Sudbury Schools - Summerhill
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 12:01:40 EDT

<< On their "Other Schools" page, some Sudbury Schools list The Summerhill
School as a school that has something in common with the Sudbury Model.
What are the most important mutualities and differences between SVS and
Summerhill? >>

I think the most important difference is that the sudbury valley school is
not based on a certain idea of how kids should be, it's more based around the
idea that if you do not interfere, kids will become what they want to be.
Also, I believe there are some areas in the summerhill model where the
students, and adults do NOT have an equal voice. Also, summerhill is a
boarding school and sudbury is not.... Summerhill DOES have a structure of
lessons, kids just aren't required to attend them...

~woty chaos

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