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Eduardo Cortina (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:49:58 -0700

I think it could be done democratically, but it would look very different
if it did.

I think RC is very good in many ways, but I do have some problems with
the way policy and decisions are handled.

For example, the RC policy is sort of handed down from the top and if you
have disagreements with it there is no real system set up which you can
plug into to affect change in policy. No voting (except at upper
levels), etc. . .

You are just asked to have sessions on it. It's like saying to a child
this is the way things are and if you don't like it, well I'll listen to
you and you can cry and be mad at me, but the "leaders" always have the
final say. You can present suggestions to some people who are leaders,
but like a school system with a Hierarchy, change may tend to happen more
slowly than it would in a democratic environment.

On another note I do feel that RC can help people recover from
experiences of being hurt, etc. . . I think it could be helpful to staff
by teaching them not to interfere and be able to support the natural
healing process in themselves and therefore the students at SVS schools.
What I've noticed in visiting SVS model schools is that students (and
staff for that matter) are free to allow more of themselves to show than
in more traditional schools, particularly in the area of feelings, both
good and bad, without others trying to control them in their range of

> True. Do you think it would be rational to do it democratically, I'm
> not
> sure... The point is that it is a great system to get support in
> changing the world and that it has very similar view on learning and
> people.
> Marko Koskinen

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