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Mon, 04 Oct 1999 16:43:28 -0400

Scott Gray wrote:
> 2.2 Some interesting things we know
> 2.2.1 People enjoy learning
> 2.2.2 People learn less well under compulsion
> Cognitive dissonance
> Story about $5 to play
> Chasing grades, rather than academia

Many fascinating points in this post. Liner 2.2 in particular struck a
note. A perennial lurker of this list, so for those who may have missed
some of my background : I'm now 68 young, dropped out of HS in '48
(guess why), went on to a MSc(EE) in '70.

During this master degree stint I found myself with a relatively slack
quarter (timewise). So I proposed to my course director that I be
allowed to audit a course that I would have to take officially (for
grades) at a later time. My rationale was that after auditing I would
understand more of it the next time around. His answer was NO, it would
not be fair to the others. My reaction was : let the others do likewise
and learn more. The answer remained NO. Ah well - too bad. It was an
interesting topic, I wish I could have learned more. (Is there an
SVS-like University somewhere. I might consider a PhD. Ah forget it, I'm
learning more this way - no exams :-).

Back to lie in wait lurking. Greetings all.

"The end of labor is to gain leisure." Aristotle.
 -- Gouin, d'Ottawa ON Canada. Futurist-at-leisure NOW. --

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