Re: Re: RE: RE: DSM: Dismal according to their own measure...
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 12:04:26 EDT

<< The urban poor are often so shell shocked , for example, that they have
will to do anything, let alone attempt to learn skills that they
cannot imagine having any use.>>
Why should you attempt to teach someone skills they don't want and can't
imagine any use for?

<<I could go on at length, but will not - presuming that listreaders here can
come up with their own examples.>>
It seems to me that what you are saying isn't much of a defense for public
schools. It's more saying that other social issues are in fact problems.
Well, duh. I don't think anyone is denying this... What I am denying is that
poverty and learning disabilities are the only reason kids don't learn in
schools. For example, I do things slowly, but I often need less practice of a
skill than school thinks I should need... It is geared towards doing lots and
lots of stuff fast, when sometimes, or most of the time, doing less stuff at
a slower pace would be better... Also, school insists that kids learn some
things in a particular order, when that doesn't always make sense. For
example, everyone is supposed to be able to read at a certain age, and it's
hard to do other school work if you can't, but it's not like reading is
*actually* required for understanding politics....

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