Re: DSM: Dismal according to their own measure...
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:38:04 EDT

At Sudbury Valley, I have been working with a group of kids for almost a year
on writing. They seem to range in age from about 12 to 18. Some of them
come for a month or two; some attend the group (which meets once a week)
always. I am overwhelmed by the quality of their writing.

I am overwhelmed by their ability to read complicated materials and make
judgments (in essays) about the materials. Their ability to apply critical
thinking to subject matter which does not necessarily interest them in the
abstract is impressive. I am thrilled by their imagination when they write
creatively, and amazed by how each student has a unique writing style.

Some can spell well, and some need help from a computer. Some can punctuate,
and some learn how to, at least fairly well. These kids are not particularly
different from the normal SVS pupil -- in fact, they are a broad range of
regular SVS kids. And most have had either no experience writing for a
"class", or have not done it for many, many years. Dare I think that the
ability to express oneself well in writing is inside most of us and crushed
by the things that happen in school? Certainly I think that children who are
free hone their thinking skills, and the writing skills seem to often be


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