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Andrew Smallman (andy@pscs.org)
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 15:42:31 -0700 (PDT)

Greetings Everyone,

Please forgive me if you receive multiple postings of this announcement.
My hope is to reach as many people as possible through this mailing (so
please feel free to forward this message on to others who you think might
be interested!), knowing I`m running the risk of having some people
receive this message more than once.

The purpose of this message is to announce the online, email-based classes
being offered by the Puget Sound Community School (PSCS) this fall. These
classes are open to ANYONE in the world with an email address (or who have
some other way to receive and send email messages). Our goals here are to
help build a global community of people interested in similar topics,
expose people to the educational philosophy of PSCS, and have a lot of
fun, all at the same time. Well, we hope to raise a few dollars for the
school, too (more on that in a second).

How things work is like this -- once you`re signed up you become a
``subscriber`` to the email distribution list set up for your class. Any
message sent to the class address automatically gets distributed to all
the subscribers (to prevent spam, only subscribers can post messages to
the class address). Facilitators typically send out an ``assignment`` at
the beginning of the week. Your job is to complete the assignment and
report back to the class, via the class address, what you`ve done to
complete the assignment. Pretty simple.

Please take a minute to review the three classes we are offering this
fall. They are scheduled to begin the week of September 20th (exactly
when is up to the facilitator) and will end on December 10th. If you have
any questions, require more information, or want to get signed up, just
send a private email message to me at:

Now about the fundraising aspect I mentioned -- We do ask those who
appreciate their classes to consider making a small donation to PSCS to
help offset the administrative costs of scheduling and maintaining them.
This is by no means a requirement for signing up, but something we would
like you to consider. The suggested donation amount is $10-$25 and gets
sent to:
        Puget Sound Community School
        PO Box 51026
        Seattle, WA 98115

With kind regards,


Andrew Smallman, Director
Puget Sound Community School - http://www.pscs.org
andy@pscs.org - http://www.pscs.org/~andy/

        PSCS ONLINE CLASSES -- Fall Quarter 1999

   Ed Hernandez
The purpose of this tutorial is to have fun while being kind, to see how
being kind to others is actually being kind to ourselves, and to start
ripples of kindness that will be felt in far away places, touching others
and creating even more kind acts. Each week participants will receive a
kindness ``assignment`` that they are expected to complete. Via email,
they will then tell the rest of the class what they did. It is hoped that
the messages sent will spur conversation, leading to interesting threads
of discussion that can`t even be imagined at the start of the tutorial.

   Robin Martin
Do you love to share recipes? Each week`s assignment will be to share a
recipe and to try a new recipe from those shared. We will have a
different focus each week. Recipes will be consolidated and added to
those collected from prior quarters for possible inclusion in an online
collection of PSCS favorites.

   Andy Smallman
Participants in this class, designed as an ``advanced`` kindness class for
those who have participated in a prior kindness class at PSCS (although
this is not a prerequisite), will be reading journalist Mike McIntyre`s
book ``The Kindness of Strangers``. We will take an in-depth look at the
acts of kindness (and the people who performed them) bestowed on McIntyre
as he crossed the US on foot, penniless, relying on the kindness of
strangers to feed, shelter, and transport him. Participants will also be
asked to note and write about the kind acts they see strangers performing,
and offer some of their own. These types of kind actions (holding open a
door, bringing someone`s grocery cart back to the store from the parking
lot, allowing someone to merge in front of you in traffic) are typically
offered without an expectation of repayment.

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