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Sharon Stanfill (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:52:26 -0400 (EDT)

OH say it ain't so, Joe! ZEPPO-Marxian? Never! He is, after
all, the dull one of the lot. (Perhaps not quite so dull
as Gummo, but still not a real live wire.) I've been musing
(and coming to no conclusion yet) as to whether you would
be more Goucholike or Chico-eque. Groucho, I think, since
he's most often the one actually contending with society
at large (at large in the form of Margaret Dumont, I suppose,
and there's a Goucho-like line in there somewhere...) But
not Zeppo! he was always the straight man.

Thanks for the clarification on the ornothology thing - I
was briefly wondering what the heck you had against that
other Peterson (Rodger Tory)!

Dunno about your neck of the woods, but up in where we have
more universities and colleges (and hence more PhDs) than you
can shake a stick at, using Mr. is pretty common. In fact, I'm
hard pressed to think of any PhDs that I know who commonly
use the Dr. save in formal circumstances. (with the exception
of newly minted PhD.s who find the Dr. usefull in negiations
with landlords.)


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