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Sharon Stanfill (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:30:44 -0400 (EDT)

Ummm..Joe, if you are going to rack Mr. Peterson across the coals
for his somewhat Aramaic form of speech, you would be wise to
refrain from using a similiar style yourself.

Your second point (quoted below), I found somewhat confusing. Was
your choice of ornithologists deliberate in connection with Mr.
Peterson's name? (as in Roger Tory Peterson of the justly famous
guide books.)

-Joe says:
2: "No anthropologist anywhere has found a society which would say 'The
children shall decide what they want to do.'" - So in addition to knowing
about all of the educational policy and governance, he has personally talked
to all the anthropologists in the world, which is interesting, because I
happen to have talked to all of the ornithologists in the world, and none of
them have found any birds who think that Peterson is not a total idiot.

Mr. Peterson, in fact, received his PhD from the
University of Chicago, which is generally not characterized
as a gumball machine.

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