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From: San Tunstall <tunstall@MIT.EDU>
Subject: NPR story on Alpine Valley School

Did anyone hear the report on the Alpine Valley School on NPR's Weekend
Edition Saturday this past weekend?

If not, you can download the sound file:

I'm wondering what people thought of the report. It's the first time I've
heard or seen anything about a Sudbury Model School in the mainstream
media. Would this story qualify as a positive, neutral, or negative
portrayal of the school?

On the negative side, the report included comments by Paul Peterson,
Director of Harvard's Program on Education Policy and Governance. He called
schools such as AVS "alarming" and said "No anthropologist anywhere has
found a society which would say 'The children shall decide what they want
to do.' Everybody has expectations for their children that are rooted in
the cultural traditions of that society." He also claimed that children,
like everyone else, will take the path of least resistance if not forced to
do things (such as take difficult classes).



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