Paolo Chiocchetti (aldo.chiocchetti@tn.nettuno.it)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 23:41:07 +0200

Hi Folks!
I'm Paolo Chiocchetti, an Italian 17th very interested in "libertarian
pedagogy" and these alternative ways of educating as the SVS one.

I would have some questions.

1. How many SVS there are, and how many children are in?
2. What is the situation of the free education in the USA nowadays? I
mean, could you tell me other experiences similar to the SVS model, how
works the homeschooling...
3. Have you got links to other realities in Europe or in the rest of the
4. Which books do you recommend to me?
5. What is your relashionship with the ideas of Ivan Illich and Alex
Neill? ('cause I've read a bit of them)

Thank you very much, and hold on!

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