Re: DSM: the bad sides of Sudbury Schools

Brad Withers (
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 20:10:21 -0400

Sam Senteney wrote:
>Even though some people feel in their hearts that these schools are >best
>for their children, they can't overcome the feeling that if this were >such a good idea more people would be doing it.

This is a common thing in todays society. More people don't do it because it is not part of what is "accepted". It seems that more often than not those people cannot think for themselves because they accept what seems to be a robotic response in educational values (namely public schools). It seems to me that there is a "control" factor going on this country and more people need to seperate themselves from what is "commonly accepted" and look at the real picture. Many of our "leaders" seem to forget that many of our first major inventions and advances were made by self educated men and women.
I only wish there were many more SVS schools out there, this country needs them.

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