DSM: College: Yet another thought...

Joseph Moore (joseph@ivorycc.com)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:50:29 -0700

Re: college - unlike high school as I knew it (YMMV), in college it's often
possible to learn something you're interested in without too much mindless
confrontation (although Scott might disagree - Scott?). If you ignore the
counselors and don't worry about graduating on someone else's schedule, you
can take whatever you want, pretty much.

But the real good thing about college is the more human relationship between
class time and free time: not much of the former, tons of the latter. I
learned whatever I learned in college mostly reading out on the lawn, in my
room or in the library, and talking with smart people. Classes were not
nearly as important as self-directed time - and that's what the Sudbury
model affords every student in abundance!

Joseph Moore

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