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I dropped into "the real world" when I turned 17. I was a frustrated
straight A student. My interests were many and the educational resources and
materials were there at school for me. What I couldn't take anymore was the
way that the system didn't allow any freedom to me in this educational
environment. It was like going into some kind of day prison. The way that
the adults controlled the students was too much for me to take so I left.

After leaving I found a job and continued to study on my own. My focus was
on art and natural health. I took classes in natural cooking and attended
lectures on natural health for years. I started my own business hand
painting children's clothing and selling my clothing to stores and in art
shows. Eventually I married, had children, started homeschooling and
teaching natural cooking. Ten years ago our family opened a international
catalog company selling natural foods and organic lifestyle products.

I taught myself computer to produce our catalog and internet site. I'm
designing our catalog and product labels... I'm even teaching myself
Japanese (we have a lot of Asian customers!) I spend every free moment that
I have at local bookstores. I love learning and value my freedom to explore
my interests on my own and in my own way.

I think that I've done pretty well considering that I didn't graduate from a
high school or go to collage. I was a motivated and creative person who
believed that I could do anything and go wherever I wanted to go without a
formal institutional education. I'm happy, healthy, free and enjoying a
wonderful life. All the education in the world could never promise these
things to me...

Today I'm working on opening some kind of resource center here in Asheville
for self-educators along with three of my children. We are very excited
about this new adventure!!

My point is - you don't need a degree to succeed! You can succeed with a
dream, faith in your natural ability to learn, and a good dose of
motivation, determination and creativity.

deb athos :)

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Subject: Re: DSM: one more thought on SV model and home schooling

>I too dropped out when I turned 17. I had planned it ever since I was 14
>actually. I was tired of being forced to do things that didn't interest
>Since that time I have learned more on my own than I ever did in school.
>Chalk one up for John Holt.
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>> wrote:
>>> << Dropped out of high(sic) school before they succeeded in killing my
>>> desire to learn. >>
>>> How? Did your parents try to stop you? If so, how did you stop them from
>>> stopping you?
>>What parents (I'm sorry to say) ? "They" in the above sentence refers to
>>them in the "school" system.
>>"The end of labor is to gain leisure." Aristotle.
>> -- Gouin, d'Ottawa ON Canada. Futurist-at-leisure NOW. --

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