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Melissa Tyson (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 00:56:09 GMT

Isn't the diploma procedure something that is voted on by the members of the
school? or am I wrong about that?


>Subject: Re: DSM: BOUNCE: Is democracy for everyone om>
>Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:50:18 EDT
>Betsy here, someone who graduated from SVS many, many moons ago ... I was
>that 16 year old who had been in public schools interminably, and I learned
>the value of what might have looked like "lounging around." It took months
>and months for the sounds of other voices to quiet enough so I might hear
>own. There were days of walking alone in the woods where I saw my
>tadpole, days of hiding out in the libraries there finally free to read
>I chose to read, my greatest pleasure. I was less social than most - still
>The "steps" the staff took were these: they occasionally inquired about my
>well-being, and Dan would make a great point of never asking _what_ one was
>doing, only _how_ one was doing; they acknowledged me as a human being,
>something not experienced in other schools; they shared themselves with us,
>when in the late afternoons a certain staff member would plunk herself down
>on the couch, and a few of us might put down our books in a quiet room and
>start a conversation that would then attract others and hope we wouldn't
>brought up for not being quiet .... there was no one who would say _You
>should ...._ and for a 16 year old from a big family and years of
>schools, that was the best.
>Now, at 40-something, I think I've forgotten that art of lounging around,
>I'm working on it again!
>As for the diploma procedure, it is what it is. I value the school's
>recognition because I value the school and the people in it. Simple.
>Thanks for reading. B

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