Re: DSM: Home Schooled Kids
Mon, 9 Aug 1999 20:14:57 EDT

<< I have found most homeschooled children very polite, interested in God and
the world around them. They do not curse, make filthy gestures, clean and
neat and not into the horrendous styles of the day. >>
Why don't they curse? Are they too isolated to hear other kids doing it? What
would happen if they *were* into the "horrendous styles"? Would they be
forbidden to wear them? What if they *were* interested in drugs?

<< Take your blinders off and compare these children to the children in
public school and the ones that come home to an empty house. janet>>
I go to a somewhat public school, and I curse, occasionally make filthy
gestures, am often somewhat dirty, and ussually wear clothing that parents
approve of. I am not very self directed in some areas of learning, partly
because I have no interest in them, partly because school has created a false
structure. I don't think I am a particularly bad or corrupted person, just
that I'd be better off in a freeschool or unschooling.

I don't see the problem with being home alone. I like being by myself, having
space to think, having some privacy.


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