Re: DSM: Home Schooled Kids
Mon, 9 Aug 1999 19:18:16 EDT

Hi there,
  Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, I have homeschooled my grandson for 6
years and he is the most well adjusted child I have ever seen. He does not
know a stranger[sometimes that is not good], but he is always with us when we
are out and everyone says that he is a delightful child.
  I have found most homeschooled children very polite, interested in God and
the world around them. They do not curse, make filthy gestures, clean and
neat and not into the horrendous styles of the day.
  Give me a homeschooled child anyday,no drugs, no filth coming out of their
mouth. Bye the bye, this boy is now a sophmore and doing very well, thank
you. Take your blinders off and compare these children to the children in
public school and the ones that come home to an empty house. janet

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