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To say that homeschooled kids are shy is to say that you have not been around many homeschooled kids! I have homeschooled my five kids for 13 years and they are far from shy. In fact everywhere we go people say that they are friendly, interesting, outgoing and always asking questions. Our family went on a fieldtrip to visit a national organic herbal company and the owner gave our family a tour. Our eight year old didn't stop asking questions about his company. They talked for two hours and he was very impressed by the interest in his business from such a young person!

We get together with other homeschoolers (which I personally prefer to call them "self-educators") every week. Our community offers classes in art, pottery,dance, gymnastics, French, Math and so on. Homeschool groups also go on regular field trips and fun outings like roller-skating and basketball. They are very outgoing, very happy and have an energy that is great to be around.

Yes, there are shy homeschool kids, there are serious ones, funny ones, sporty ones, artistic ones... I went to public school for twelve years and I was about as shy as a kid could be - imagine that. Once out of school and into the real world I was able to shed the shyness in ways that have amazed me!!!

Self-education is a choice in freedom, responsibility and dedication to your life and learning. It involves a loving and caring circle of family, friends and community. My kids are growing up into people that I am proud to become apart of the world. They are creative, know how to think for themselves, ask questions, questions the "right" answers and most important of all are free to be who they are and are confident to take their life where they want it to go!

I wouldn't change one minute of our homeschool experience for anything. Of all my five homeschooled kids our only son is the "shyest" of them all. He homeschooled until he was in the ninth grade, decided on his own that he wanted to go to public school so he could get an art scholarship. He graduated with honors and was awarded four scholarships (two art and two academic!!!) He is now happily attending collage. Not bad for a faily shy homeschool kid.

One more thing, every teacher that our son has ever had has commented on the difference between our son and the other students. He had a reason to be where he was and put everything into what he was doing. And he chose to do it himself. As his parents we supported whatever he decided he wanted for his education!!

And that is that, some food for thought from someone on the inside.

deb athos:)

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The experience I have had with kids that are home schooled, is that they are very shy, and they tend not to interact well with others.
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     Could you expand on this? >Besides, homeschooled kids have always struck me as a little automaton-like. Brad
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