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Brad Withers (
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 20:08:23 -0400

> Joe wrote:
>In 95% of the homeschooled kids I've ever seen, I've consistently noticed an
>distinct pleasantness, a conspicuous need to please others, a lack of
>independence and, for lack of a better term, a lack of spark.

>Maybe it's me, but I am more comfortable seeing kids with at least a little
->bad attitude and rebelliousness.

Maybe homeschooled kids are pleasant because their atmosphere is more pleasant than a public school atmosphere. Perhaps they're happier because they are freer and not as controlled.
Maybe they don't feel the need to rebel and have "attitude" because again they aren't as controlled. But this too depends on the "home" atmosphere.

Sam wrote:
> The experience I have had with kids that are home schooled, is that they
>are very shy, and they tend not to interact well with others.

Our experience is quite the opposite. The publically schooled kids we have had experience with have generally been rude, non-social or just plain ignore you altogether. (Not all of them of course, but the majority). On the other hand, the home-schooled kids while sometimes shy, (as are some publically schooled ones), tend to be more pleasant and social. They actually answer your questions instead of grunt. The homeschooled kids seem to be "with you" and not "off somewhere else".

Brad and Melody

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