Re: DSM: religious school = more military like?

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For the least control, homeschool your kids and never register them with any

At 05:40 PM 7/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>At 05:17 PM 7/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>Can anyone speak to the question of how much control various states
>>have over private schools? Doubtless it varies greatly. Here in
>>Massachussetts, I believe there is relatively little control, if any.
>>(With the exception of schools for 'special needs' children which must
>>meet some standards in regards to funding concerns.)
>In Connecticut, back when I was in Catholic school (this is a disclaimer
>meaning I have no idea what the current situation is), we had to meet the
>same basic criteria for a diploma as the public schools - i.e. 4 years of
>English, 4 years of phys. ed., and whatever else was on the list, but I
>don't remember anyone ever checking or questioning the content of the
>courses, and the state did not require us to submit to any standardized
>testing (although the school sure did!).
>I think part of it was, at least at that time, that private schools,
>particularly Catholic schools, were viewed as being much more stringent
>academically than the public schools - probably a fair assessment - and so
>did not require the oversight that the public schools did. Also, the
>private schools did not suffer as much from lack of financial resources or
>parental involvement - both seen as critical to successful schooling.

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