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><stuff snipped>
>> There are two ways in which a person can be disciplined. A person
can be
>>disciplined BY somebody else, or s/he can discipline her/him self.
>> If you have been accustomed to following the dictates of an external
>>authority, you will have no preparation for making your own schedules and
>>yourself on track. It takes no special gift to follow orders.
>While I definitely agree with the first instance (following dictates of
>others), I strongly disagree with the second. Following orders is a very
>difficult thing to do. Particularly in an extreme case such as the
>military, where you must do it, often without explanation as to why, and
>sometimes in a life threatening situation. It is no easy task to put such
>faith and trust in another person, often when you don't even really know
>that other person is. It requires a great deal of personal discipline and

I don't think what Scott is trying to say is that following orders is easy;
I think he's saying that following them is simple in the extreme. It
doesn't take a very sophisticated person to follow them; I don't, however,
think that a sophisticated person is _incapable_ of following them. At
least I hope! ;)

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