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>DOCTORS are used to having no accountability to others??!? Well, I guess
>I shouldn't be surprised -- it explains a few things about the medical
I didn't say that! Are you implying that being used to making decisions and
having trust in them, and not being used to taking orders is the same as no
accountability?? No, I don't even have to ask that - I *know* you're not.
Accountability is a form of resposibility, and responsibility goes
hand-in-hand with taking charge of oneself, and I know you subscribe to that
philosophy - the only rational view, I might add, as people throughout the
history of man having been trying to separate the two without much luck.

Besides, my doctor's terrific. The HMO and the billing office, on the other

>Seriously, please send me the reference for the study.
>I don't see yet where you and I disagree; I have had no cause to dispute
>any of your facts. I haven't evaluated this study myself, but the results
>do not surprise me.
I'll have to pry that info out of the family pilot. It was sited in one of
the flying mags in an explanation of why Beechcraft are known as
"fork-tailed doctor killers".

>Of course people who are RAISED to believe that SOME people are bosses and
>OTHER PEOPLE are to be bossed will, when they are "respected" themselves,
>become haughty.
Inasmuch as I'm gunning for my captain's bars next month, I'll refrain from
making any comment except to say that colonels at least never, ever take
advantage of their positions or are haughty or act superior. Why, they're
practically perfect in every way!

(I guess this means I don't need to post my opinions on the personal
convictions-vs.-expedience debate <g>.)


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