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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:42:05 -0400 (EDT)

DOCTORS are used to having no accountability to others??!? Well, I guess
I shouldn't be surprised -- it explains a few things about the medical

Seriously, please send me the reference for the study.

I don't see yet where you and I disagree; I have had no cause to dispute
any of your facts. I haven't evaluated this study myself, but the results
do not surprise me.

Of course people who are RAISED to believe that SOME people are bosses and
OTHER PEOPLE are to be bossed will, when they are "respected" themselves,
become haughty. Self discipline does not mean never seeking advice or
never doing what is expected of one -- quite the contrary. It means being
VERY sensitive to what is needed and what is expected of one -- and
trusting to others whose authority is duly constituted and who you have
agreed to trust.

Again, I will propose that being raised in freedom is not inconsistent
with the kind of discipline that you are talking about. It would be
surprising if those who were used to making their own decisions were less
used to knowing their own limitations or how to work within a group. Those
who are used to having decsions made for them, who see themselves as
servants rather than partners, are if anything more prone to try to make
MASTERS of themselves than those who are used to treating others as

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, tina wrote:

> Actually, I just remembered something else that may illustrate my point
> about following orders.
> In a study done a few years ago about pilots and fatal crashes, it was found
> that, when broken down by career, the group with the highest fatality rate
> was doctors. When the reasons were analyzed, two majors factors were
> discovered. One was that doctors could afford more high-performance
> aircraft. But the other was that doctors are a group that, by and large,
> are used to calling their own shots. They have to have inplicit trust in
> their own judgement. As a result, they found it difficult to follow orders
> and were often second-guessing air traffic controllers.
> T.

--Scott David Gray
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