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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 13:29:45 -0400

I just tried to go to that web site and it was in french!

Sharon Stanfill wrote:

> As someone who did a fair bit of 'school shopping' in MA, I can
> speak a little to the NEASC question. We did not consider NEASC
> accreditation important. (Although we did consider the somewhat
> similiar accrediations of day care centers important...more on that
> if anyone cares) We did , however, have a lot of trouble initially,
> just finding out what schools fit our broadest catagory of consideration:
> 1) within a reasonable drive
> 2) covers the right age group
> 3) is not a 'special needs' school
> NEASC schools had the advantage of being generally (perhaps always?)
> listed on the web page, which we found fairly quickly.
> Sharon

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