Sharon Stanfill (sharons@juliet.ll.mit.edu)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:56:57 -0400

As someone who did a fair bit of 'school shopping' in MA, I can
speak a little to the NEASC question. We did not consider NEASC
accreditation important. (Although we did consider the somewhat
similiar accrediations of day care centers important...more on that
if anyone cares) We did , however, have a lot of trouble initially,
just finding out what schools fit our broadest catagory of consideration:
1) within a reasonable drive
2) covers the right age group
3) is not a 'special needs' school
NEASC schools had the advantage of being generally (perhaps always?)
listed on the www.aisne.com web page, which we found fairly quickly.


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